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Got any plans next weekend?

Have you been watching Bridgerton like me by any chance? It's making me want to start my blog with "Dearest Gentle Reader"...but for now I will try to withhold that and talk to you about something more much tangible and dog related.

Next weekend starting Friday 28th June, is the Summer Dog Festival hosted by Dogs Direct UK. I happened to find out about them a few months ago when I met a local dog trainer for a catch up. Since then I have been getting more and more excited and now it's almost here, ready to open its doors and bring you all in to the fold and spend three days soaking up all things 'dog'.

I have to say, that the reason I'm excited is because I know the passion on which the delivery of this fantastic event is based and honestly, the events, the talks, the merchandise and the food, is going to blow yours and your dogs' socks off. It really is.

Let me tell you a little more about it all. It will take place in Southport, Merseyside, and the attendees include:

  • Dr Scott Miller - the ITV vet. I think he has a spot on This Morning so you'll likely have seen him there

  • Chloe Fuller - Channel 5's canine nutrition expert

  • Stands galore where you can try out, look at and buy marvellous merchandise for your dogs.

  • Loads of areas where you can try things out with your dog like scent training, grooming, dog swimming, dog agility and dog athletics!

And I am going to deliver two talks:

One of the talks will cover Rescues - because let's face it, it's one of the most rewarding things you can do in the world, and sometimes, one of the most challenging. People need support with this and I can't wait to provide it. We're going to delve into the behaviour principles that underpin how rescues act and why, and then look at how we can anticipate and manage these behaviours to create harmony as quickly as possible.

The second talk is all about the super power of neurochemicals.These amazing things drive all of your dogs' behaviours, every single one of them. So by understanding a little bit about them, we can better enrich our dogs' lives and balance behaviour - I use this knowledge in every single one of my client assessments. It may sound a little dry or even geeky dare I say? but trust me, it's simple and it can help you avoid having to bring in professional help throughout the whole of your dog's life.

I am lucky enough to be sharing a stand with a very special person who can help the humans attending the festival too... help you get that little sugar fix in a sweet treat way if you like. The fabulous Hope and Mallows will be dishing out their gorgeous artisan mallows and if you're lucky there may even be chocolate dipping sauce to wet your taste buds. It's not healthy for me to be right next door to them but hopefully you'll all keep me busy visiting me to discuss any needs or issues you may be experiencing with your canine kin. Pull me away from the mallows and you'll be doing my visceral fat and sugar levels a great deal of good ;)

So, will you come? You should. Do it! The link is here for you to at least take a look and then book in. Go on, I can't wait to meet you and your dogs :)

The Dogs Direct Festival: 29th to 30th June 2024

See. you. there.


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