Helping you help your dog....

How much do we LOVE our canine companions? More than we can say I think you'll agree!

However, as wonderful as they are and, as dedicated a dog parent as you are, they aren't always the easiest family members. 

At times, anyone can experience behavioural problems with their dog. When that happens, it can start to impact on your family and disrupt your life. Worse still, it isn't pleasant for your dog either. 

That's where I come in. I specialise in helping you explore and understand the issues, diagnose the likely cause and create a customised behaviour plan to improve things. 

If you don't have a dog yet but are considering bringing one into your life, I can also help with this. I'll coach and prep you for everything you'll need ready for the new arrival. 

You don't have to struggle alone. If you're ready for change, let's go! 


My story

I have always adored dogs, having had them in my life since I can remember. 


For twenty years I have helped my own dogs manage problem behaviours but it wasn't until about five years ago that I decided to turn professional. 


After gaining my Psychology degree, I furthered my studies gaining an Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma from the British College of Canine Studies and follow up practical skills experience. 


I love what I do, and seeing transformational behaviour changes and increased fulfilment is totally priceless!


What I offer 

I offer a range of different options depending upon your circumstances. 


If you have a dog that is struggling I offer 121 sessions in your home or as a back up, crisis calls,  to analyse the issues and set you up with a plan to improve things. 


If you're considering bringing a dog into your life I can help set you up prior to or just after your dog arrives. 


If it's a puppy you're expecting, I can prepare you and your family with a plan to ensure they settle in as easily as possible and show you what to expect. 


Maybe you're expecting a baby yourself! I can help get your dog and you get ready for managing this transition smoothly. 

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