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Do you need a dog psychologist?

I think we can all agree that we love our dogs, right? However, as wonderful as they are and, as dedicated a dog parent as you are, things aren't always easy. 

The Dog Psychologist is a business based on helping you help your dog if they are struggling with a behaviour problem, settling into a new life with you or if they have any other canine behaviour needs. I'll help you reach a place where your dogs live happily and contented alongside you, improving your relationship with your dog. 

  • Have you experienced issues with your dog that affects not only their life but yours too? 

  • Do you feel behaviours are creeping in or have developed, leading to a difficult way of life? 

  • Are you struggling to understand your dog's behaviour causing stress and anxiety when all you want to do is enjoy them? 

Anyone can have problems with their dog. Sometimes we experience a disconnect between their behaviours  and what we feel we can cope or live with day to day. Feelings of frustration or upset lead us to question whether we can continue living with our dogs. Sometimes dangerous behaviours develop which compounds the problem. 


This can impact on you and disrupt your life. Worse still, it isn't pleasant for your dog either.

Maybe you have already tried training classes or even paid a trainer to resolve an issue. Sadly, trainers aren't always able to dig deep enough to uncover the cause of the behaviour. It can be a waste of resources and time to try to fix a problem on the surface.

This is where I can help.

Once I have identified the drivers behind behaviours, we can address those, before we start corrective work and rehabilitation.

I specialise in helping you explore and understand issues, diagnosing the cause and creating a plan to improve things. 

Before you make any decisions, whether you've called a range of other professionals already, contact me and we can get you on the right track, moving forwards and enjoying your relationship with your dog. 

Don't struggle alone. If you're ready for change, let's go!



Outstanding Results



I am based in Southport with close links across Merseyside and Lancashire. I travel across the North West of England and North Wales with only a small additional fee for travel costs outside a 25 mile radius of the PR9 postcode. 

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