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My name is Rachel and I am The Dog Psychologist.

Sometimes people ask me if I am a dog trainer. In truth, I'm the one you call when you've had trainers, but you're still having problems.

I am a holistic dog behaviourist, here to help dogs overcome behaviour problems from the roots up. 


Dogs like humans, have a complex web of genetics, and learned behaviours and often develop difficulties managing domestic life. One issue doesn't always cause one behaviour. If it was that easy we would fix our own dogs without professional help. 

I have all the training and experience needed to analyse and diagnose a behavioural issue and rehabilitate your dog holistically, using a paced approach based around all the contributing factors. I do not use aversive methods and actively advocate against the use of pain or choking to remedy a solution. 

I am trained to degree level in Psychology with a further Canine Behaviour Diploma through the British College of Canine Studies which is accredited by the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council. I also have a post graduate qualification in Research Methods and an additional Certificate in Canine Health and Nutrition. I am also DBS checked which enables me to work safely with children and young people. 

There is a world of knowledge I can use to help you understand and manage a behavioural problem in your dog.

Lots of people claim to be behaviourists but lack the academic and experiential background that enables this to be done safely and effectively. I am different. 

So let's go, it's time to get you sorted!

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