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Do you want to be a game changer?

Me again. Hello. How are you?

This extra blog post is fabulously selfish in a way. It's a sordid plug, a request if you will. But it has a single selfless goal, because in fact, I am on a mission. And hopefully you can align with it because it's got mine and your dogs' best interests in mind. Let me tell you more...

I visit lots of clients. And all of them have problems that are different. We have man phobias, noise phobias, chasing tails, dropping to the floor, guarding sofas, guarding food, snarling at the kids, knocking people over, barking at windows, lunging at cars, hyper vigilance, anxiety and general attention deficit disorder to name a few.

However, every issue, has one common remedy. Not the only remedy. But one which weaves its web through every single rehabilitation plan. And why? Because it's vital. It's what I touched on in one of my previous blog posts - mental enrichment

So it got me thinking. Why not devise a way for people to access this remedy, in a way that's simple and easy, delivered to your door? Using my knowledge and doing the searches for you, to locate the best ways to provide this, changing it around, mixing it up. Always providing something lovely for you and your dogs to be in awe of when you open it up?

So, maybe you can tell by now, I have got PLANS! Plans to make this a reality, and to do it, I need you and your dogs at the heart of it. So, will you help me for a moment?

I need to know in general terms what you need and what you think your dogs need most. I've put together a really quick questionnaire. I timed it, it takes one minute, but gives me so much. You can access it here. Scroll down and it's there, ready for you, if you'll spare that single minute and invest yourselves in this idea for those few seconds.

And I'll share my plans as they develop, so you're on my journey with me, if you want to be :) It's going to be AWESOME!

So far we have interest from a complete range of specialists who make enrichment their bread and butter - and I have days already scheduled for media work which we're going to need as part of this AMAZING PLAN. We're tweaking how we're going to get this to you all as regularly as you might need it, looking at the best ways to provide quality alongside cost savings for you.

Come come come! Let's on board this one together, but let me do most of the hard work for you. :)


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