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My business is based on a complete love of dogs and a passioned interest in their behaviour and fulfilment. They deserve a level of understanding that doesn't always come naturally to us humans. After all, we are SO different! I am lucky to have something in life that I love to learn about, and share with anyone who will listen! 

I have all the training required to help you manage issues with your dog. I have a Psychology degree and a further diploma through the British College of Canine Studies which is accredited by the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council. 

I dedicate my time to helping humans understand their dogs, and helping dogs overcome problem behaviours so that we can together lead truly fulfilling lives. And let me tell you, there is a world of knowledge that I can help you access about the canine world! Anything to do with dogs. The way they walk, the way they play, the way they interact. EVERYTHING they do. 

I have trained and developed experience through formal study and hands on canine behaviour management which now enables me to help your dogs and help you too. I enjoy every minute of it and you can be assured that my work with you all is based on the most up to date knowledge and research based practice in the field of canine behaviour. 

You're in good hands!

BSc BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer



"I officially LOVE dogs! 

I have done all my life and always will. 


Dogs are so different to humans, but are amazingly adaptable. They are fabulous in every way so they deserve to live the best lives. 


The service I provide very much includes you


Changing your dog's behaviour for the long term, needs humans to better understand the natural peaks and troughs in canine behaviour patterns, anticipate these and act on them to improve things. 


So many behaviour problems stem from day to day frustrations for dogs, that we are simply unaware of. The signs are subtle so if you've been trying to improve behaviours yourself and you've struggled, this is why! 


Through our work together, we'll focus on the problem, why it is happening, and how to improve it. But we do this holistically, thinking about your dog's diet, daily routine, potential triggers and fulfilment. You'll be surprised how   small adjustments can make a huge difference. 


My service will set you up for the long term. I'll help you understand your dog from the inside out and teach you how to take control of behaviour issues instead of being ruled by them. 



I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough. She was amazing with both of my dogs and taught me so much whilst she spent the afternoon with us. She is so knowledgable and the simple tips along with the explanations as to why they are so important made so much sense. My dogs have been so relaxed since Rachel’s visit. Adele, Wigan

Rachel has been absolutely amazing when I needed some help, reassurance and guidance with my most recent rescue pup. Rachel also then checked in to see how we were getting on.
Can't thank Rachel enough for her support! Lauren, Manchester

Rachel took Jess who had no manners, low respect and was a little disobedient. Jess is now a pleasure to walk and has clear boundaries. Really worthwhile- Rachel was lovely with Jess and has made a massive difference. Emily, Chorley

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Address: Southport, Merseyside

I cover the NorthWest of England, including Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester

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